Saturday 17th September

There will be six categories/classifications of competition:  these will be

Victoria Sponge; possibly considered the easiest to do, but will your jam-filled sponge beat the rest?

Savoury Scones; exhibitors are asked to produce 6 evenly sized and baked savoury scones of your choice of recipe.

Gluten Free Bake; this can be any cake/bake of your choosing the only stipulations are it must not contain any gluten and we require you to provide a list of ingredients.

Technical Challenge; new for 2016 we are introducing this challenge, the recipe is below for those who wish to take part in the extra challenge.










SR Flour


Choc Chips


Mix all the ingredients together, but add the chocolate chips at the very end.
Put in a traybake tin and bake for 35-40 mins at 170oc

Cake Decoration; the cake is not important for this one, sponge, fruit whatever makes the right shape. We are looking for a cake decorated for a birthday celebration.
(Only the decoration will be judged, so the base is up to you.)

Children’s Cup Cakes; (Only for those young people aged maximum 12 on the day of competition) exhibitors are asked to exhibit 6 cupcakes of their own choice of flavour and decoration.

Participants are welcome to enter as many or as few categories as they wish. Entry fee £1 per exhibit.

Exhibitors will be expected to make and prepare their entries at home and then will be given time to set up and do any final presentation work in the United Reformed Church on the morning. Exhibits must be in place by 12 noon the church will be open from 10:30am. Judging will commence at 12 noon.
The church will be open to the public for viewing of the entries from 1:30pm - 4pm. Donations are requested from those coming to view the exhibits, which will be added to the proceeds of the event to be divided between charitable causes.

This is an amateur competition and is not open to professionals. All entries must be the exhibitors’ own work. Judging will be carried out anonymously; therefore, no allowance can be made for children entering main categories.
The main five categories are open to all ages, Cup Cakes category is only open to children aged maximum 12 on the day of competition. Children may be given assistance in this category.
The judges’ decision is final.

Entry form download here

Full details sheet here




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